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Hi! I’m Steven. I’m on the road, literally, to become a travel influencer. Possibly. Maybe. Follow along as I try to figure out what that means and how to do it. In the meantime, I’m recording the stories of the friends and towns I meet along the way.


It’s not as bad as you think. Find me under #ExploreKS on all the social channels to watch me prove it. Start here:

Castle Rock Badlands, KS

3 Kansas alternatives if you can’t make it to Badlands National Park.

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Little Jerusalem, Oakley, KS

Yes, this is Kansas. Let’s go!

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β€œIn California, the beauty is obvious. Any idiot can see it. Kansas, I’m proud to say, is every bit as beautiful, it’s just more subtle. You have to be sharp.”

β€” Pam Grant, from her book Kansas Curiosities


Join me on a storytelling journey to preserve and share the rich oral history of small, rural communities. Start here:

Meet Jerry Joe Jones, born in Vermillion, KS. Pop 78.


Here’s some recent trips around the Midwest:

Cathedral Spires, Custer State Park, SD

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Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park, SD

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Smith Falls, NE

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